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How We Work  
Recent Placements The majority of our candidates are passive – they are employed and not actively looking to move.
Compensation & Timing We source these candidates using a variety of methods, but most heavily rely on referrals from our
Contact us own global network of contacts - which we manage and update in our database.
All candidates are qualified before presentation – with thorough interviews and initial reference
checks. In addition to details on the candidate’s background, we also provide a narrative that

- Career summary
- Assessment
- Motivation
- Compensation
- Next steps

On the flip side, we also qualify all assignments in order to get a clear picture of what we are to
look for, why the vacancy exists, and what the expectations are for the role. Each interface between
the hiring authority and the candidate is preceded with a “coaching call” and followed up with a
structured debrief.

At the point of mutual interest, we conduct a thorough 360 degree reference check – generally with
two former managers, two former peers, and two subordinates. Where it makes sense, we will
expand this list to include clients or suppliers. We aggregate the reference feedback into one write-
up, but will also provide access to actual verbatim when requested.

Regarding the management of negotiating compensation, our preference is to be in the middle of
the conversation. This allows the hiring authority to maintain “a court of appeal” and for both parties
to speak without prejudice on surrounding issues.

Importantly, all of the above is structured with templates that allow for consistency and